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Gene Editing


The company’s scientific capabilities cover all facets of Gene Editing, offering a wide range of support for molecular biology work, including but not limited to:

  • Gene synthesis

  • Subcloning & PCR cloning

  • Plasmid preparation (up to milligram scale)

  • Mutagenesis

  • CRISPR sgRNA design and synthesis

  • CRISPR repair template design and synthesis

  • CRISPR edit validation through Amplicon sequencing

  • Protein expression and purification in multiple systems (E.coli, yeast, and mammalian cells)

  • Protein design and engineering

The company is capable of full fledged lipid Nanoparticle synthesis to enable targeted delivery of mRNA, Oligonucleotides and CRISPR constructs to specific cell / tissues.

Lipid Nanoparticle Synthesis and Encapsulation Service

  Wisecorner Laboratories Pvt Ltd offers full range of services from mRNA synthesis till its encapsulation using Lipid Nanoparticles followed by its analytical characterization.

 Lipid nanoparticles (LNPs) are the most clinically advanced non-viral gene delivery system. Lipid nanoparticles safely and effectively deliver nucleic acids, overcoming a major barrier preventing the development and use of genetic medicines. Genetic medicine has many different applications such as gene editing, rapid vaccine development, immuno-oncology and treatment of rare genetic and undruggable diseases; all of which are usually hindered by nucleic acid delivery inefficiency.


Lipid nanoparticles offer many advantages over previous lipid-based nucleic acid delivery systems including:


• High nucleic acid encapsulation efficiency and potent transfection
• Improved penetration into tissues to deliver therapeutics
• Low cytotoxicity and immunogenicity


These characteristics make lipid nanoparticles excellent candidates for nucleic acid delivery.

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